Journey into Wholeness FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How do I reserve my place for the retreat?

1. Upon Confirmation 20% first deposit should be settled. The deposit payment is non-refundable.

2. A payment plan option is available.

3. Balance payment must be settled 4 weeks prior arrival - i.e. 29/6/2020

4. The Hotel reserves the right to adjust the rate agreed within the contract period in the event of tax alterations by Government and Service Charge amendments.

What is your cancellation/change policy?

Your contract with your Suppliers may allow them to cancel or amend bookings. As your Booking Agent, we will ensure that you are promptly notified of any significant changes once we become aware of such change if there is time before your departure, but we accept no liability for any changes or costs incurred that may result. Subject to the Supplier’s terms and conditions, you will then have the choice of accepting the change of arrangements, accepting an offer of alternative travel arrangements if one is made available by the Supplier, or cancelling your booked arrangements and receiving any applicable refunds. We do not guarantee that any refunds will apply. We have no control over airline schedule changes and accommodation and accept no liability for costs which may arise as a result of such changes.

1. Any cancellation made would be charged at 20% from the total amount, in which that 20% have paid on confirmation as the deposit.

2. Rooms cancelled between 60 to 15 days prior to check-in date are subject to 50% charge of the reserved nights.

3. Rooms cancelled within 14 days or less prior to check-in date are subject to cancellation fee of 100% of the stay.

4. Notification of cancellation accepted only by email.

What's NOT included in the retreat package price?

  • Return Air fares to and from Denpasar, Bali
  • Travel insurance — please note that travel insurance is mandatory for your retreat stay
  • Food and drinks outside the Retreat centre
  • Any additional food and drinks in the retreat that aren't part of your retreat package
  • Travel to and from airport. - We can recommend a preferred driver who speaks good English and will charge a fair rate.
    Provided all flights times are provided to us as your Facilitators and Booking Agent, 1 month prior retreat, we will do our best to help arrange shared travel where practical.
  • Hotel provided car is IDR 375,000,-/car for max 4 people in 1 car. In case they would like to share. And there will be additional IDR 50,000,- charged for midnight service at 11 PM – 6 AM.
  • OPTION for Sunday morning yoga with. Master Arsana is charged at IDR 150,000,-/person)

What payment options are available?

A 20% deposit is required of $405.00. This is non refundable. The balance of $1218.00 must be paid in full one month prior. There is a 4 monthly instalment plan available through Pay Pal at $405.00 per month. Payment by E.F.T. can also be made. Please ensure you email Robyn for bank details if this is your preferred method.

Where is the retreat located?

Om Ham retreat is set amidst the beauty and tranquillity of rice paddies. Strategically located just a 10-minute from Ubud Market and Ubud Royal Palace, Om Ham Retreat and Resort offers an outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi access in all areas of the property.

It takes a 15-minute drive from Ubud's Sacred Monkey Forest, and the beautiful Gunung Kawi Temple is reachable within a 25-minute drive. Getting to Bali Denpasar. Denpasar international airport is approximately 1.5 hours -2.5 hours by car to Om Ham Retreat depending on traffic.

Is my deposit refundable?

Any deposits from you are non-refundable. Price of tours can only be guaranteed once we receive full payment. Upon your provision of your payment information, you are authorizing us to make the payment arrangements and contract with the corresponding Suppliers.

How will you keep me informed about my retreat reservation?

General information and documents will be sent to our participants electronically via email.

What are the limits of liability?

As we are acting as an agent we have no liability in respect of the supply of any element of your booking, including any liability for illness, personal injury, death or loss of any kind, delay and inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any provider of travel services or products or by other third parties. Any claim for damages for injury, illness, loss or death must be brought against the relevant supplier of the travel services or products.

Is travel insurance necessary?

It is mandatory for all participants to take out comprehensive travel insurance at the time of paying a deposit. The policy should provide cover for loss of deposit, cancellation and additional expenses, medical expenses and repatriation and loss or damage to baggage and valuables. You are responsible for making any special or increased insurance arrangements which you deem are necessary.

What happens if a major event impacts my trip/travel?

Your facilitators Robyn Wood and Jenny Rawson shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by you as a consequence of our or any of the suppliers being unable to perform its obligations under your contract(s) due to the unusual or unforeseeable circumstances (a “force majeure event”) beyond the control of the party affected by the force majeure event.

What is a retreat like?

Our every day lives are often directed outwards to a multitude of different activities, including work and needs of others. Retreat life is the opportunity to immerse your self in spiritual practice and go within, to focus, rest, restore, and rebalance. It is a time for inner reflection, self-nurturing and inquiry. A time when we allow others to take care of us with pampering as we also take time to take great care of ourselves. Yoga and meditation classes are offered daily, along with group classes to deepen awareness of self. Your meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. There is also plenty of free time to just be, journal, walk or simply do your own thing. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself

What about Meditation?


Meditation is a process of increasing awareness of your body, mind feelings, sensations and your environment and learning to create harmony and balance in your every day life during and outside of the practice. Meditation is not a so much a technique to master, as it is a re-orientation of the heart; a selfless act of love and surrender into the mystery and stillness at the core of our being. Meditation provides approaches that propel us into higher states of consciousness. It helps us transfers energy from the destructive process of twenty-first century stressful lifestyles, into a creative process. We directly experience how expanding our own awareness can help us transform not only ourselves, but also the world around us.

Group practice in a peaceful setting builds and optimizes energy, is supportive and encourages and inspires home practice. It also allows you to connect with fellow meditators and fosters a sense of community.

WHY MEDITATE? Because it is the best thing for wellbeing! It helps bring into consciousness, the driving patterns of the subconscious and unconscious that cause so much anxiety and suffering. As we get older the feelings and emotions that are naturally expressed through the body become increasingly unavailable to us with the effect of leaving us numb and alienated from ourselves. So everything we hold inside brings us unhappiness. Meditation is about re-discovering yourself. A chance to be intimate with ourselves. It makes you happier healthier, smarter and brings you immense freedom. It can and will change your life and the very sense of who you are. It is the path to the Awakened Self that is always there.

People come to meditation for various reasons: to find a way to relax and reduce stress, to release the grasp of strong emotions, to experience freedom from the agitation in the mind, to understand more about how the mind works, or to complement their physical disciplines or their spiritual path

Yoga Suitability?

Yoga is suitable for all persons of all ages and all levels of health. Yoga is all about the individual, so you work to your own level with experienced teachers who can guide you and adapt to your needs. It is both a physical and spiritual practice and extremely valuable for mental health.

KUNDALINI TANTRIC YOGA offered at Om Ham, is the healing yoga that combines the use of “tantra” along with pranayama (breath) to move the Kundalini energy, which is the primal/life-force energy upwards simultaneously healing the spine, glandular and endocrine systems – ultimately the entire body.

This combination is important for raising, flowing, moving and balancing the energy within our body so that it can assist the body’s ability to heal itself naturally. Tantra which means a divinely inspired body of work / system which aids the raising the energy for self-development and spiritual awakening.

That is the reason behind the naming “Kundalini Tantra”, which means a divinely inspired system that has been developed to raise the Kundalini through movement, breathing and sound. It is a combination of Kundalini, Astanga, Hatha and Sivananda (Surya Namaskar) Yoga as well as a particular asanas which has been carefully selected by Master Ketut Arsana with specific intent of raising the Kundalini energy for mind, body and soul healing for overall health and wellbeing.

I'm spiritually interested, but not religious. Is that okay?

Of course! This is a Spiritual retreat for spiritual people – which is YOUR essence. Our objective is to provide a space with different activities, of Archetypal chart, meditation yoga, sound healing, and class time, pampering and your own private time, where you can explore your deeper self and your own spirituality in a friendly, supportive, encouraging and open-minded environment

Is there a number where I can be reached in case of emergency during the retreat?

We recommend you and those you wish to connect with download WHATS AP on your phone. It provides free international calls where WIFI is connected. The Om Ham Retreat Centre offers free Wi Fi. Om Ham Retreat centre contact numbers are: +62 361 9000 352 WHATS APP 087761736881

What are the accomodations - can I room share with a friend?

Your package includes Ananda-Superior Single Room accommodation for one person. These rooms cannot be shared. The option for slightly larger Shakti Deluxe Single room is also available at increased price. Sharing is available in the Shakti Deluxe room Prices and availability vary - first in, best dressed! Please communicate directly with Robyn via email to arrange. E:

If I cancel at the last minute can I substitute a friend?

Yes, provided all conditions are met and submitted to Robyn a minimum of 48 hours prior at

Can I come for just part of the retreat?

No, partial attendance is not allowed due to the disruption to the group. Full attendance is required to ensure group cohesiveness and deepening practice.

What is the typical weather in Bali in July?


The weather in Bali in July is very similar to what it is in June. The average temperature for the month of July is 27°C (80°F), the average low is 22°C (80°F), and the average high is 31°C (88°F). ... The beginning of the month starts off with lots of sun, no rain, and a daily average temperature of about 27°C (80°F).

What food is provided by the hotel?

Om Ham Restaurant have a philosophy of good healthy food, infused with love, good intention and tangible energy by Guru Ketut Arsana. Their food is based on Bali Usadha herbs and spices to support wellness and healthy lifestyle. The food is not only about food to survive but to broaden your knowledge of Mother Nature and ultimately the universe within you. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner as part of your package except when out of the hotel. Additional food can be purchased including a variety of freshly made juices and deliciously healthy smoothies.

Can I go out when I am on retreat?

Retreats are a time to rest, restore and go within, hence everything is catered for within the hotel. However, you have free time allocated each day. It is yours to do with as you wish. There are several hours free in the afternoon and evening of each day on days 2, 4, and 6 including your arrival day. This is totally free until we meet as a group at 5.00pm. Exception is Day 3 which is our scheduled visit to the Pyrmids of Chi in the afternoon and Day 5 is your opportunity to take a Hotel scheduled bus to the Ubud shopping centre if you so desire or create your own adventure

Can I drink or smoke when on the retreat?

The very nature of being on retreat is to go within, nurture self, and be the observer of your mind, body and emotions. Because of the mind-altering effect of drugs and alcohol, it is generally discouraged.

Is there free time to relax?

Yes. Our objective on this retreat is meant to give you just the right balance of classes and down time. Yoga, meditation with personal pampering, Sound Healing in the Pyramids of Chi, and class time to support your inner journey and time to just be. Your free time is generally afternoons and evenings.

What is the IDR rate to A$ ?

Rates vary but here is one link to check

A general rule of thumb is $A1.00 = IDR1,000. E.G. $A30 = IDR300,000

Is there internet access?

Yes, it is free and WiFi code provided when at the hotel.

Can you arrange pick up from Denpasar airport?

Airport pick up can be arranged either with Om Ham Hotel or we can advise name of trustworthy driver who speaks good English and will charge a fair rate. Alternately, if you are flying in on the first day of our retreat and you provide your flight details a month prior, we will do our best to co-ordinate with others to share cost of car travel to Om Ham. (up to 4 persons in 1 car)

Can I be guaranteed a single room for the retreat?

Yes, your personal booking includes a private Ananda Superior room. Though it is dependent on availability and you may have the option for a larger room.